Precautions For Everyone


Avoid citrus oils such as bergamont, lemon, tangerine, orange, grapefruit, lime, and the blend citrus fresh for at least 12 hours prior to direct sunlight due to photo sensitivity.


Topical sensitivies to Young Living Oils are very rare, but if sensitivity does occur discontinue use  add a carrier oil to loction a few times a day until redness subsides. DO NOT ADD WATER. 


Regarding dilution, use a carrier oil such as Young Living Essential Oils' V6 enhanced vegetable oil complex, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, or other organic plant-based fatty oil.


Perform a skin patch test on your forearm to see  if you are sensitive to an esssential oil. Moms, always use oil on yourself first before applying to children. If it's hot on your skin, chances are it will be on your children's. Examples of “hot” oils include cinnamon, clove, lemongrass, peppermint, oregano, thyme, Exodus II, and Thieves.


For babies and children, the feet are a great place to start. Start slowly with diluted oils on other areas, using no more than two or three oils at once.


Never drop essential oils directly into your ear. Apply suggested oil to outer back area under the earlobe and down throat.


Essential oils should never be used directly in the eye. To support optical wellness, use oil only on the bony area around the eye.


Make sure to read suggested route of use for each paricular essential oil. Many Young Living essential oils may be injested, but some are not suggested to take internally.